Our View: Topical Talk

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Our View: Topical Talk

Catherine Bradford, Arlene Tognetti, Cindy Louie

Show Description:
Come join hosts Catherine Bradford, Arlene Tognetti and Juliet Maroni as they share their insights, views and opinions about current affairs. This fast paced, often serious, sometimes amuzing dialogue takes you directly into the center of Topical Talk. Want to know what's happening in the world? Too busy to keep up? Have an opinion you want to share; get something off your chest?
Come join us, every Friday, from 2-3 pm PST for excitement and news as we help keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening. Our View, for you to listen, share and learn.
To call the studio with a comment, question or opinion, dial 1-877-230-3062 anytime during the show!

Our View Highlights & Links

Swine Flu Update H1N1 Virus

Vit. D Dr. Soram Khalsa

Babies Switched at Birth

Right Whales break birth record

Habitate for Humanity get $100 donation

Green Schools will be built

Chrysler to close 789 dealerships

Hot cars deadly for animals

Overboard Dog found on island

Fish that triggers hallucinations found off British Coast

A Budget Cure - Marijuana

Miss California supports Cause

L.A. Police Brutality

Guest Bio:
For many decades, Catherine Bradford has been emersed in the wellness industry, from nursing back in the seventies at Stanford, to founding a wholistic healing center and then on to radio broadcasting, she has certainly shown her dedication to offering our world paths toward healing, well being and raised consciousness.
Arlene Tognetti is another veteren in the art of healing, helping thousands over the years find their own higher path through astrology and tarot readings, as well as teaching. Her intuition, ability to interpret and compassion places her in master levels in all she does.
Cindy Louie comes to Our View as our newest host. We are excited to welcome Cindy with her wide life experience and innate wisdom. Cindy's background comes from the diversity of working for years for Microsoft and then leaving to begin her own business in graphic design, website development and internet success.

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Posted By: arlene

Great show! and love the addition of the links to each subject/event. Each link opens yet another question for

inquiring minds....The times they are a changing and Our View keeps up  with the speed of change!

Thanks  Catherine and Juliet

Posted By: c_bradford
Thanks Arlene. Believe it or not, this morning as I was running errands, I pull into a parking lot next to a car with a Shih Tzu locked inside (no windows opened) in the full sun.
Given one of our topics yesterday was about dogs DYING from being locked in hot cars, I sat in my car waiting until the owner returned. I was ready for action, and would have happily call the police to help break a window if I saw the poor dog going into distress! Tis' the season. PLEASE BE CAREFUL. BETTER YET, LEAVE THE PETS AT HOME!!!!

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