Animal Abuse

It's about time! (My protest letter)

June 09, 2010

Dear Tug,

It is amazing, to many people, that in this day and age you continue to support practices that inflict any type of harm on the very animals you should be protecting and attempting to do everything in order to preserve their lives. The animals that end up in your shelter, arrive not by choice. And what little chance they may have at finally finding a happy outcome to their plight drops significantly by the ongoing practice of your 'giving' them the worst possible sentence, TORTURE.
I am also shocked that in this day and age, people such as yourself continue to remain detached from the reality that our society is finally shifting into a higher level of awareness that shows the majority of people find what you promote and participate in doing incredibly inhumane and violent.
One day there will be laws prohibiting such treatments and severely punishing those who dare to break them. For now, you simply stand as a monster in the eyes of many people in our society.
I cannot see any reason why you would voluntarily choose such a label, any more than I could imagine why any animal in your facility would choose to give their lives to research, only to be cut open, experimented upon, caused immense pain, and eventually killed.
Perhaps you should consider stepping up to the plate and standing for positive change. Dont' you think it's about time?

Catherine Bradford


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