"“During the course of my book tour, I've had the occasion to speak with dozens of radio hosts. My conversation with Catherine Bradford stands out, though - Catherine is a sharp, curious, and engaged interviewer, who asks questions that strike at the heart of the matter. She keeps you engaged and keeps everyone thinking.” ~ Thomas Goetz, executive editor of Wired Magazine & author of The Decision Tree www.thedecisiontree.com "
-Thomas Goetz
"“As a marketing professional I have booked hundreds of guests on hundreds of shows over the years. Catherine Bradford’s Wellness Road Show is a great hit in that the talent is always pleased and comes back to brag about what a great interview they had. In 2009, I completed a total transformation and career change by launching my dream business/life’s work which is an equine assisted psychotherapy and life skills learning program called Spring Reins of Hope, Getting to the Horse of the Matter. When Catherine, invited my partner and I to be a guest on her Everything Animal Show, I immediately accepted. On the day of the interview I realized that I was so nervous…booking guests is much different than being one! I needed not to worry in that Catherine is such a professional and adds incredible insights and thoughtful questions that it made it easy to flow into a great conversation…before I knew it the hour was up! Thank you Catherine, for doing your life’s work – and enlightening / educating us along the way!” ~ Christianna Capra, Executive Director, Spring Reins of Hope, Getting to the Horse of the Matter, www.springreinsofhope.com "
-Christianna Capra
"Catherine Bradford, the host of the radio broadcast The Wellness Roadshow, exemplifies the kind of interviewer every author hopes to encounter in the frenzied, razzle dazzle milieu of today’s media culture. Thoughtful, highly intelligent, gracious and above all, prepared. It is refreshing to find a moderator who has carefully read and digested the content of a book and has the ability to ask probing questions and spend the time it takes to flesh out complex subject matter so that listeners come away not only informed but motivated to look deeper into the subject matter. "
-Norman Morris
"Thanks Catherine, for having me on. Your show is an indication of rising coherence in collective consciousness, as well as helping to create it. Any time. All the best, David David W. Orme-Johnson,Ph.D. "
-David Orme Johnson PhD.
"I am a new listener of just a few months and would like to share some of what I have experienced through your programs. First, I would like to say that I find the variety of subject matter continues to pique my interest and draws me to the show on a weekly basis. Topics, seemingly diverse, end up gloving, one with another when the broader picture is seen. Granted some of your guest's topics are of more interest to me on a personal level than others, but all have had something to offer. I have not gone away from any show without enrichment on some level. Thank you and continue the good work! Linda L.,Turlock, CA "
-Linda L.
"I would like to share with you my interview experience, being a guest on Catherine Bradford’s Wellness Roadshow. My wife Marilyn and I felt Catherine’s love and strength right from the very beginning. After getting stuck in traffic and arriving late to Catherine’s live radio interview, we found her calmly waiting on the porch of the radio station when we arrived. At that point, the show was already in motion so with gentleness and good humor, Catherine quickly ushered us into the control booth and without skipping a beat, light-heartedly jumped right into the interview! I have done over 50 radio, TV and Magazine interviews and I can say without a doubt, it is rare that a show host does their homework as thoroughly as Catherine did in preparing for our interview. Not only did she read my book -- she spent hours reading our extensive web site. It became clear after spending time with Catherine that she did not do this just for the sake of the interview. She did it because she genuinely cares and gets excited about the people she interviews. Catherine is a master net-worker. After we completed a lively, in-depth interview, she sat Marilyn and I down and excitedly brainstormed with us about the possible friends, acquaintances and radio colleagues that might be interested in our work and what we had to say. We were left in awe of Catherine and felt like we made a friend. - Jerry Wennstrom - artist, author of The Inspired Heart and subject of Sentient Publications & Parabola video, In the Hands of Alchemy. www.handsofalchemy.com/ "
-Jerry Wennstrom
"I just wanted to take a moment of your time to let you know how very much I am enjoying the "Wellness Road Show". Like you, I believe that there are many aspects to one's health, and the wide variety of guests that you interview reminds me of what aspects need my attention. I have told many others about your show, and we have started a small discussion group to meet in the evening and review what topics have been offered on the show. While it may seem trivial next to the advice that is offered on your show, I want you to know how well thought of you are as an interviewer. Many friends tell me that you ask just what they are thinking. I personally very much enjoy the soothing tones to your voice. It may seem peculiar, but when you are imparting ideas as to how one might better their life, it is much more peaceful to hear from someone well spoken and comforting.We look forward to your shows and appreciate the ability to download all of them at any time for discussion. We hope that you are thinking of putting together a 'wellness' book in the near future. Wishing you continued success from one of your avid listeners. Tamara T., Seattle, WA. "
-Tamara T., Seattle, WA.
"Catherine Bradford has put together a wonderful thing with her Wellness Roadshow? It is rather like this journey to wellness that so many of us are on today and on this road you stop and visit with teachers and masters and interesting people along the way. It is a gathering of sorts and a very good one. It is diverse and inclusive an offering so to speak. Catherine handles her guests with such lovely grace, humor and curiosity. Catherine is a teacher, an up lifter and a healer in her own right, wise, witty and laser like. What makes her programs so unique is she lives her life like her radio show. She guides, probes, teaches, heals, laughs, cries and learns. Most of all she cares deeply. She is her audience but not in the manner of preaching to the choir. She is her program guests. Maybe it just takes one to know one. Love and Light Morgan M. Redmond, WA. "
-Morgan M., Redmond, WA.
"Thank you, Catherine, for giving me the opportunity to be on your show. I feel like I’ve met a kindred spirit and you did a wonderful job showcasing my book and the service that I’m providing at Life On Purpose Institute. It was clear to me very quickly that you not only knew the content of my book, Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life, but you were fully engaged in the process outlined between its covers, as well as offering it to your kids. How great is that, hearing that made my heart glow. Having been on dozens of radio talk shows, I can affirm to you that you have a true gift and a great way that you are expressing your own life purpose. Keep up the “purposeful play.” Dr. Brad Swift, Life of Purpose Institute www.lifeonpurpose.com "
-Dr. Brad Swift
"I just listened to two of your archived radio shows and am grateful you are on the air. You engage your guests with intelligent & eloquently phrased questions without pomp. I really appreciate your show and missed hearing it today. Best regards, Tina "
"Thank you again for the opportunity of appearing on your show. You should know that you're most unique in interviewers because you actually had a familiarity with my book...most interviewers fake it through. I know you must have a wonderful following and I absolutely agree with your goal of helping people to empower themselves, have a better sense of control in their lives and be happier. I would be honored to be asked back on your program. Thanks again, Stan Kapuchinski, MD "
-Stan Kapuchinski, MD
"My interview with Catherine Bradford exceeded my expectations in every way. She was well informed about my body of work, her questions allowed me to explore and share many of my spiritual beliefs, and she listened, carefully, to what I said. I have done hundreds of interviews over the last 2 decades and have grown to expect far less than what I experienced with Catherine. I would make myself available in a heartbeat to do another one with Catherine. Her willingness to open the door to a broader public for authors like myself is priceless. — Karen Casey, Ph.D Author of over 20 books "Change Your Mind and Your Life will Follow" www.womens-spirituality.com "
-Karen Casey, Ph.D
"You are a delightful partner in all things of divine solution. Elle Collier Re www.INEI-RE.org "
-Elle Collier Re
""I was so happy to hear your first show. It is everything and MORE of what you advertised. I could feel the strong feeling responses of your guests and it makes one even more enthused and hopeful. You are on to a very successful program and more importantly you are offering healing, uniting and very timely revolutionary thoughts. Programs like this are replacing fear and worry with hope and BELIEF that all this can really happen. You had wonderful guests.." Pat H. Connecticut "
-Pat H. Connecticut
"The depth of Catherine’s wisdom is instantaneous. Her soft demeanor, yet strong sense of common sense makes her a natural interviewer, capable of weaving together diverse points of view. As a guest on Dot to Dot it is certain your message will get out because Catherine places your platform at the top of her list. — Elizabeth Diane & Andrew Marshall Authors Listening With Heart 360: The New Paradigm For Women www.listeningwithheart.com "
-Elizabeth Diane & Andrew Marshall
""Being on Catherine's radio program, The Wellness Roadshow, was a fabulous experience. She immediately put me at ease with her friendly and insightful manner. Without "scripted" questions our conversation was authentic and organic in its flow and presentation. I had several people tell me, after listening to the program, how powerful and inspirational they found it. We need more radio programs like this -- and more hosts like Catherine willing to open up a natural dialogue about important and relatable topics that make people feel uplifted." Melissa Wadsworth, Seattle www.melissawadsworth.com "
-Melissa Wadsworth
"I love your show and am glad it's now for 2 hours. I appreciate your show descriptions in the archives (including guest's websites is extremely helpful). Thank you for the excellent, interesting shows. I remain your devoted fan. Thank you for everything! Lois "
"Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. You are fantastic. Kathleen Gage "
-Kathleen Gage
"I really enjoyed the interview--you have a very nice warm and straightforward style . Carol Cassell, PhD. Author “Put Passion First: Why Sexual Chemistry is the "
-Carol Cassell, PhD
"It was a great opportunity to be on The Wellness Roadshow and I enjoyed it very much. You are a wonderful host who made it easy to be a guest on your show. Your knowledge of holistic health and wellness made for an exciting show with stimulating questions, a fact moving pace, and a show that was both entertaining and educational. I look forward to being with you again. Carl O. Helvie R.N., Dr.P.H. author, “Healthy Holistic Aging: A Blueprint for Success.” "
-Carl O. Helvie R.N., Dr.P.H.
"I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the generous opportunity to be on your hour long show on Wednesday, August 13, 2008. The experience was truly delightful, as you are a most engaging and vibrant host. Having just published my book in the spring, I have not had a tremendous amount of exposure to media. However, your style of interviewing was disarming which increased my comfort level tremendously. Your questions demonstrated a thorough knowledge of my book, The Navigator of Life, and the areas where more information was warranted to give the listener a better understanding of the basis for the writing of the book and its contents. It was also pleasant to see the show available for listening and downloading in less than 24 hours after the show aired. Please express my sincere appreciation to your producer and other colleagues for a job well done. I am indebted to you for the wonderful opportunity you have afforded me and your listeners. I thank you for all you do. Your show provides vital information that is not available in many other places. Please keep up the outstanding work. All the best. Sincerely, Nathaniel J. Williams, Ed.D, MHS, MPA, author “The Navigator of Life” "
-Nathaniel J. Williams, Ed.D, MHS, MPA
"I've been fortunate enough to be on both sides of Catherine Bradford's broadcasts. As a listener, I appreciate her engaging show topics and expert guests. And having been on her show, I value her thoughtful questioning, skillful interviewing techniques and fair handling. No matter which side you're on, though, I'm sure you'll find that taking time out for Catherine's broadcasts is well worth it. Brent Marchant, author “Get the Picture: Conscious Creation Goes to the Movies” "
-Brent Marchant
"I want to thank you for the fabulous interview yesterday on my book Help is Not a Four-Letter Word. I can honestly tell you from many, many interviews in the last year, yours is an all time favorite! Your questions brought out the most important aspects that your listeners needed to hear. You often illustrated the points with small succinct stories that made the information so much more entertaining. I felt that I was having a warm conversation with an old friend who shared my views about the strength of asking for help. Thank you! It was a real pleasure! Peggy Collins, Author of Help Is Not a Four-Letter Word: Why Doing It All Is Doing You In "
-Peggy Collins
"I was thrilled being invited on Catherine Bradford's Wellness Road Show. We spent an enjoyable hour that flew by talking about one of my favorite subjects, dreams, metaphysics, and other dimensions in time and space. Catherine is a knowledgeable and supportive hostess that made the interview process flow. It was easy and fun. Catherine has a way of bringing out the best in a guest. I look forward to spending another hour with her on her show. Thank-you for having me! Ruth Hoskins, Author Dream Moments The Voice in Your Dreams Prophecy and Intuition."
-Ruth Hoskins, Ph.D.
"A two-hour interview with Catherine may, at first, appear quite daunting. I asked myself would I be able to sustain such a long interview, would my material be up to such an interrogation. In fact, Catherine was quite amazing. Her wit and grace, and in particular her understanding of issues (even ones outside her reading for the book) was more than enough to winkle out of me the most intriguing and interesting interview. At the end I was not tired, indeed, I would say that I was inspired by our interaction – so much so that she and I both simultaneously asked each other for another. Catherine is a terrific interviewer." Dr. John James, author “The Great Field: Soul at Play in a Conscious Universe” www.johnjames.com.au "
-Dr. John James
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