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Animals are a part of everyone's life, and an important part of the world in which we live.  I am well known for being not only an animal lover, but a dedicated animal advocate. Each week, on Everything Animal I will be interviewing experts from around the world about caring for, protecting and understanding all creatures on our planet. Come join us!

Host, Catherine Bradford

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Say "Eye Care" For All Your Animals - 12/10/09

Dr. Victoria Jones

How often I have enjoyed the loving gaze of my animals, their beautiful eyes staring intently showing unconditional love, devotion and companionship. Those amazing eyes are precious to both the owners and the animals. Ever wonder what is the best way to care for your animals eyes, helping protect them from harm and disease, ensuring a long life of good vision? What are the warning signs that something may be wrong? What breeds are at the highest risk for eye problems? What really can our beloved animals see? Catherine Bradford, host of Everyth...

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The Tazie Effect - 12/03/09

Heather Whittaker

Today on Everything Animal, host Catherine Bradford welcomes Heather Whittaker, author of 'The Tazie Effect', a heartwarming story about a 6-lb Miniature Pinscher and the many challenges she's faced in her life. Taz is a disabled dog who has a lot to offer in  both spirit and inspiration. Ms. Whittaker shares about Taz's challenges and combines them with stories from  her own management career to present 10 Leadership Principles. Each of these principles is geared toward new leaders or those with hopes of being a leader. Taz's disa...

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Moments with Baxter - 11/19/09

Melissa Joseph

Baxter, now 18 years old, is a rescue dog, part golden retriever and part chow, who came to Melissa Joseph when he was two years old. At the time, he was going to be euthanized because he had heartworms and his owners could not afford to treat him. A friend of Melissa's saved him but could not keep Baxter herself, as she already had too many rescued dogs. Melissa's friend described him as adorable along with the quetion, "Will you take him, please?" Thus began her life with Baxter. Melissa Baxter has been volunteering with her therap...

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Spring Reins of Hope: Getting to the Horse of the Matter - 11/12/09

Christianna E. Capra and Maria Karavidas, Psy.D.

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” ~ Sir Winston Churchill Spring Reins of Hope (SROH) is an EAGALA certified EAP/EAL model for equine assisted therapies.   This differs from therapeutic riding in that all work is done un-mounted and there is a collaborative treatment team consisting of a licensed mental health professional and also a horse specialist whom both work together to facilitate the session. The additional and most valuable members of the treatment team a...

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Puppy Mills: Help Stop Abuse - 11/05/09

Robert Baker, ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Investigator

Today Catherine Bradford welcomes Bob Baker, ASPCA's Animal Cruelty Investigator. Bob will answer questions and help listeners understand how to help prevent explotation of dogs through Puppy Mills. What Is a Puppy Mill? Puppy mills are large-scale commercial dog-breeding operations where profit is given priority over the well-being of the dogs. Unlike responsible breeders, who place the utmost importance on producing the healthiest puppies possible, puppy mill owners disregard genetic quality. This often results in generations of dogs wi...

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Frankie The Walk 'n Roll Dog - 10/29/09

Barb Techel

Frankie, the Walk-N-Roll dog has learned to wheel her way through life. Frankie is a frisky brown purebred dachshund whose owners, Barbara and John Techel, fitted her with a wheeled harness nearly three years ago to help her move after suffering a ruptured disc that left her partially paralyzed. Through Frankies courage and disability, along with the devotion of her owner, Barbara Techel, Frankie brings beautiful lessons to the humans she visits by bringing a positive face and voice to disabled animals. Visiting local schools and libraries to s...

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ASPCA's 2009 Henry Bergh Award and Lifetime Achievement Award Winners - 10/22/09

Alayne Marker and Richard O'Barry

Alayne Marker join Catherine Bradford 2:00-2:30 pm PST 2009 Recipients of the ASPCA’s Henry Bergh Award Steve Smith and Alayne Marker founded the Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary in Ovando, Montana, in December 2000. The couple left their corporate jobs in Seattle and relocated to Montana fulltime to devote themselves to animal rescue. Their mission was to turn 160 acres of open grassland and cottonwoods into a sanctuary for animals with special needs—those pets who are least likely to be adopted and most likely to be euthaniz...

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From author of Dances With Wolves - 10/15/09

Michael Blake

In 1990 while doing research on mustangs for a story he was working on, Michael Blake encoutnered a wild lead stallion captured and held by the Bureau of Land Management near Reno, Nevada. Recalling, his first encounter with "Twelve" at a holding pen, Blake writes... "There seemed to be an invisible barrier surrounding him, and non of the other horses, whether alone or in gangs, ever sniffed or touched or whinnied at him. The director recalled that on one occasion the entire population came together and circled their king in a...

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When Animals Make Us Ill: H1N1 and Zoonosis - 10/08/09

Louise Murray, DVM

With the threat of the swine flu spreading across the globe, host Catherine Bradford welcomes Dr. Louise Murray, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM,  who serves as the Director of Medicine for the ASPCA’s Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital to discuss information about how, at times, illness in animals can transfer to humans. Commonly known as Zoonosis, (diseases passed from animals to humans) it is important to understand this condition, separate facts from fiction and learn what we can do to help maintain not only our own health but the health and we...

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Animals in Spirit: Our Faithful Companion's Transition to the Afterlife - 10/01/09

Penelope Smith

"Animals In Spirit: Our faithful companions' transition to the afterlife" with author Animal Communicator Penelope Smith How do we say goodbye when it's time for our beloved animal companion to pass? Where do they go when they leave Earth, and how do we ease the loss and help them transition to the othe side? Penelope Smith is the pioneer in the field of animal communications. As a recognized leader in the field of interspecies telepathic communication for over thirty years she has taught people how to release feelings of loss and...

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Putting an end to dogfighting - 9/24/09


For the first half of Everything Animal Catherine welcomes back Carl David who acted as her guest host during her absence two weeks ago. Catherine and Carl continue the discussion about energy healing on our pets and explore how anyone can use this technique to rebalance and heal their beloved animals. For the second half of this show, Catherine welcomes Dr. Randall Lockwood, Senior Vice President of the ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Field Services. For more than a century, humans have deliberately pitted dog-aggressive dogs who will instinctively...

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Everything Animal welcomes Animal Communicator Dr. Laurie Moore - 9/17/09

Dr. Laurie Moore

I have had the great pleasure of having Dr. Laurie Moore as my guest before. Laurie brings the world so many gifts through her unique and special abilities to communicate with all animals. A leader in animal communication as well as a great communicator with our beloved dolphins, Laurie works with people and their animals from all over the world to help them understand what they animals are trying to tell them. Please feel free to call us during the show, to ask Dr. Laurie Moore any question you may have about your animals. 1 877 230-3062....

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Healing Our Animals with special guest host Carl David - 9/10/09

Carl David

I have asked Carl David, author, fine art dealer and animal lover to host this episode of Everything Animal. Carl is very much like you and me, an animal lover, and an animal advocate. In his own life, blessed with animals, Carl has learned how to channel healing energies for many animals. His unique and loving approach has helped many animals heal as well as live well past expected timelines set by the vetrinarian community. On today's show Carl will cite several examples of how he has been a channel for healing animals; several dogs (his favo...

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Everything Animal welcomes guest host, Animal Communicator Miki Jacobs - 9/03/09

Miki Jacobs

I am excited to have my good friend Psychic, Medium and Animal Communicator Miki Jacobs guest host my show, Everything Animal, while I am away on vacation. Miki is a fierce animal lover, animal rights advocate as well as owner and operator of Gentle Giants Sancturary, located in So. California. Along with her husband, Miki cares for many diverse animals whose lives have been saved due to her generous spirit. On Everything Animal, Miki will share with you her knowledge of what happens to our beloved pets when they transition, as well as being av...

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Save Horses from Slaughter - 8/27/09

Christine Bennett-Distefano

Today on Everything Animal, I will have the pleasure of welcoming Christine Barrett-Destefano, owner and founder of Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue. Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue has been saving horses for many years. As of July 18, 2009 they have SAVED  90 horses, ponies and mules primarily from  SLAUGHTER!  99% of their time is spent  CARING for the horses and the small farm animals totaling 116. They occupy 6 separate locations throughout the eastern Hamptons, one small sanctuary in Ohio. Their dream is to find the one ...

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