Heathly without Health Insurance

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Heathly without Health Insurance

Dr. Matthew Edlund

Show Description:
How to be healthy without ObamaCare, Medicare or health insurance
As we sit on the edge of our seats awaiting word of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, one thing is clear – no matter what the outcome, the days of affordable, accessible and comprehensive health insurance are over for most of us. The state of healthcare is already disastrous; the United States ranks 50th in the world in terms of expected lifespan according to the Central Intelligence Agency. The 2012 report of The Annual Review of Public Health reported that, “…one-third of all deaths in the United States can be linked to [income and economic] inequality.”
“It’s clear that you can no longer afford to get sick,” says nationally known regeneration expert Dr. Matthew Edlund, who says all is not lost. Fortunately for us, lifespan is about lifestyle.  To preserve our health and protect the American public Dr. Edlund has written HEALTHY WITHOUT HEALTH INSURANCE: Protect Yourself (Circadian Press; June 2012). The key to health is using our most amazing, innovative technology—the human body and its incredible regenerative powers.  That’s the way to real physical, social, mental and spiritual well-being. In his book, Dr. Edlund outlines a step-by-step program that can have people living in robust health well into their nineties, including:
·        Eat cheaply and renewably:  Eating the whole foods your body is designed to eat will save money, time, and trips to the doctor’s office while slimming your waistline to new sleekness.
·        Don’t just sit there:  You can move almost anywhere – even watching TV.  Exercise is any use of voluntary muscle – and you’ve got lots of muscles.  Learn how to exercise no matter what you’re doing – or where you are.  Discover how a well-placed park or a bike path may markedly improve mood and can save far more lives than a hospital emergency room.
·        The fun way to rest: Rest not, live not; rest is as critical to life as food.  Even passive “wastes of time” – like sleep – can help rewire, remake, and renew your body and brain every moment of the day. And active forms of rest can do much more.
·        We make one another well: Being in contact with other humans can help cure disease and save lives.  It’s also fun – as our pets know well.
It’s time we gave up the outmoded Degeneration Model that tells us that our bodies are machines doomed to break down. “This isn’t true. We’re organisms who through all our life processes continue to build ourselves up,” says Dr. Edlund who points out that we never stop rebuilding and regenerating. “Every three to four weeks we remake most of our body. You can regenerate at any age.”  Regeneration health means there is always hope. Regenerating well can prevent the ravages of aging and illness and provide us a sense of wholeness our medical system does not even know exists.  Living the “regenerative way” can do more than save you money – it can save your life.
Matthew Edlund, MD, MOH is the Director of the Center for Circadian Medicine and also the author of THE POWER OF REST, THE BODY CLOCK ADVANTAGE and DESIGNED TO LAST. For more information, visit http://wegethealthynow.wordpress.com/


Guest Bio:
Dr. Matthew Edlund, M.D., M.O.H., is The Rest Doctor (@therestdoctor.com,) and Director of the Center for Circadian Medicine in Sarasota, Florida. A former professor at Brown and the University of Texas Medical Schools and an internationally recognized expert on sleep and biological clocks, his clinical and research work led him to recognize that rest is Regeneration, the way the body rebuilds, renews, and rewires itself. Rest is critical to health, survival, pleasure and performance. It is powerfully influenced by what we do, including the active rest techniques developed by Dr. Edlund, and the thousands of different rest techniques civilizations have created through the ages to refresh and renew body and spirit. Active Rest can be done rapidly anywhere, anytime, and can advance health by setting a rhythm to one's day and life.

Dr. Edlund's previous books include Designed to Last, The Body Clock Advantage, and Psycholgical and Mental Illness. He invites everyone to join the Rest Community on Facebook, so that others can describe the rest techniques they use to enjoy their lives.

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