Choosing Hypnotherapy


What is hypnotherapy?
Most people think of chickens clucking when they think about hypnotherapy. While it is true that many stage hypnotherapists entertain their audiences by encouraging funny behaviors from volunteers from the audience, the truth is clinical hypnotherapy is an effective and powerful tool to help in achieving behavior change and aiding thousands of people in reaching their personal and professional goals.

Hypnosis is NOT mind-control or any kind of brain-washing, and in no way can a person be persuaded to do something that is against their beliefs, values or morals.

Have you ever found yourself day dreaming? Or lost in thought while waiting at a red light? Often times our minds, without our even realizing it, go into a light trance. During hypnosis, a state of trance is achieved, often varying in depth from a light trance to a deep trance. During a light trance, science shows us that the brain achieves an increase in alpha frequency brainwaves. During deeper trance, theta frequency brainwaves can be seen. In these states, a heightened sense of awareness (both internal and external) are achieved. This may or may not be accompanied by a deep sense of relaxation.

It is during these states of increased awareness, and/or relaxation that the subconscious mind is more open to suggestion and/or learning. Your therapist can often bypass the critical factor (a part of the mind that very often creates barriers to prevent change) so suggestions are accepted more readily, thus creating increased opporutnities for achieving permanent change.

Can anyone be hypnotized?
I believe it is possible for anyone to become hypnotized. After all, nearly every person achieves some degree of trance on their own on a regular basis. Establishing a trusting relationship with your therapist is a very important first step to finding success through the hypnosis process.

What can I expect from a hypnosis session?
When you first meet with your potential therapist it is important that you discuss your goals and concerns openly and honestly. Good communication is an important component is achieving any type of lasting change. During your first meeting, your therapist will gather information about you, your goals, your past attempts at change and answer any and all questions you may have. At this time, together, you will design a treatment plan that will specifically address all issues. Normally, you are not induced (put into a hypnotic trance) during your first appointment. A second appointment is scheduled, usually within a few days/week of your first meeting. This allows your therapist to design the best possible treatment for you and your goals.

How many treatments will I require?
Different issues/goals require different approaches. It is best to discuss this with your therapist who will define a plan best suited for you at the time of your first treatment. Statistically it is shown that people achieve huge change through the hypnosis procedure, often in much less time than through other traditional modalities.

Finding the right hypnotherapist.
We all know the importance of great relationships. It is no different when looking for a good hypnotherapist. Make certain you ask any and all questions when you are meeting with your potential therapist for the first time. Remember to address any concerns you may have before deciding what is right for you. Most hypnotherapists offer a free fifteen minute phone consultation as a means of helping you decide if they are the right fit for you and your goals.

What can hypnotherapy help me with?
If you discover you are having difficulty achieving any goal or behavior change, hypnotherapy can help. It has helped thousands of people who want to
1) Quit smoking
2) Loose weight
3) Pain management (i.e. Migraines; Post surgery; Headaches; Lesson acute or chronic pain)
4) Change personal habits
5) Achieve healthy eating habits
6) Eliminate or reduce phobias/fears
7) Modify destructive habits (nail biting, etc.)
8) Achieve before hard to reach work goals
9) Overcome shyness
10) Increase confidence
11) Improve work performance
And much, more!

How do I make an appointment?
Calling the number below will put you in touch with me. If I do not answer immediately, it means I am busy with a client. I will return your call within a 24 hour period.

Call today to make an appointment!
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